Home ImprovementYou are no more staining your bedsheets and compromising your comfort!

You are no more staining your bedsheets and compromising your comfort!

Once you have incontinence issues, getting a decent night’s sleep might be very difficult. 

Washable bed pads are an answer for protecting your bed sheets and mattress, whether you have frequent wake-ups or need to change your sheets. These pads are often placed over the sheets to prevent liquids from accessing your sheets or mattress. 

When should you use incontinence pads, and why? 

When you’re concerned that your bed linens might be soiled due to incontinence (urine or faeces) or bleeding, utilise incontinence bed pads. 

Incontinence can be caused by various illnesses, including dementia and post-stroke. Incontinence pads can assist in keeping sheets clean. Some can be washed, while others must be thrown away. What matters most is that you select a sleeping pad that protects both your skin and your linens.

How to Choose the Best Bed Pads 

There are considerations to remember when selecting an absorbent bed pad. The most important decision is to use a disposable or reusable sleeping pad. Size, absorbency level, and cost are also things to consider. 

Bed Pad Types 

According to Westmeyer, there are two absorbency bed pads for seniors: washable and disposable. You have to decide which option is most convenient for you. Will you have time to do laundry regularly, for example? If not, a washable bed pad may be the best option. However, if you’re looking to save money, washable bed pads may be the way to go. This way, you won’t have to buy new pads as frequently.


Disposable bed pads are often less protective than washable bed pads, also called reusable bed pads. According to Westmeyer, these waterproofing pads are “more trustworthy and don’t break.” They also stay put longer than disposable pads and become less likely to break around. Reusable bed pads are often composed of fabric and are incredibly comfy. They usually have several layers of protection, including a quick-drying top layer that keeps you dry while you’re resting on it. Washable bed pads, according to Westmeyer, “may be used again and over again, make them cost-effective.” They’re excellent for the environment since they help you create less waste to help you save money. The pads from Royal Care, for example, could be washed over 300 times. 


According to Westmeyer, disposable bed pads are “intended for one-time usage.” These are expensive in the long run compared to reusable bed pads; however, if you only require an incontinence sleep pad for a short time—say, a few weeks following surgery—this type may be the best option. Most disposable pads provide three or four degrees of protection, which can be seen on packages of various kinds. The first layer is usually constructed of a smooth, quilted cloth that wicks moisture away from the skin, while another layer uses an absorbent gel to capture urine. The plastic or vinyl bottom layer prevents liquid from escaping and sinking into the bed. According to Westmeyer, many people have found the bottom thin layer unpleasant since it can make noise when you sleep on it.


The length of a sleeping pad is significant since it dictates the amount of coverage available. If you need to cover a limited area, you could be able to get away with an 18-inch-by-24-inch pad. If you’ve had a wider bed, a 34-inch-by-36-inch pad might be the ideal option for you. The cost of a bed pad rises with its size.


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