FashionWhite Gold Engagement Rings: Are They Popular

White Gold Engagement Rings: Are They Popular

An engagement ring is a sign of the promise of marriage—it represents commitment and devotion to the partner. The tradition of exchanging engagement rings is believed to be originated from the Roman custom. And now, the tradition is spread across the globe and is followed by people of all walks of life. In Nz, engagement rings can be found in several stores, and you can choose any of them as you like. People have started buying white gold rings in recent years, and now it is the most sought-after ring type for engagements.

In 2019, around 18,000 couples in New Zealand got married, including 423 same-sex couples. The average age of marriage or civil union of New Zealanders is 27 to 28.9. Though several couples marry in their early 30s, an engagement and wedding function is expected from everyone. Since 1961, the median age of marriage has gone from 20 to 32.6.

Saturdays are the choice of the wedding for the majority of the couples—in 2019, Saturday 23 Feb saw around 400 plus couples get married in New Zealand.

Do you remember seeing the engagement ring of your friend or a relative? What was the colour of the rings? How beautiful did they look? If you remember those rings, you must have realised that some of those rings were of white and gold type. White gold rings are not ordinary rings, and they are made to last longer and be sturdy. If you are ready to find out why people buy white gold rings, keep reading.

They are durable

When it comes to durability, white gold rings top the list. These rings last longer than the yellow gold or rose gold rings, and that’s because of the way these rings are made. White gold rings are an alloy of gold and a metal (zinc, Nickle, or Copper), which help them look more white.

Zinc can make white gold rings more durable. Since many value durability over other features, white gold became the best choice for many.

There are no added colours.

If your ring has a yellow colour, the diamond pulls in some shades and looks yellowish. But, you don’t need to worry about the same issue in white gold rings. These rings don’t add any shades to the diamond as the other types do. This feature makes white gold rings simple and impressive. In Nz, engagement rings are available in various designs and colours, but now, white gold is in trend.

They are brighter

White gold is the answer if you need the best lustre and shine. These rings are very bright, white, and striking. These rings glisten more than any jewellery, making the diamond on the top look more radiant—white gold is not distracting or pulls attention towards it. It complements the diamond, and hence, no contrast is seen in the overall appearance. These rings are clean, classy and beautiful.

Affordable jewellery

After the engagement ring, the next step is buying the wedding ring and then moving to a new home; more expenses will come one by one and don’t forget about the wedding expenses. Hence, if you are looking for an affordable ring for the engagement, a white gold one will be a great idea. 

White gold rings are unique when you look at their durability, looks, and pricing. The ring comprises 75% Gold, 17% Nickle, 2.2% Copper, and 5.5% Zinc. This gives the metal a shiny look and more durability. Another type of blend is 75% Gold, 15% Silver, and 10% Titanium. Some manufacturers add rhodium to the mixture making it more beautiful and strong.

The blending of gold with these metals makes the rings different from the other types, and people have accepted this engagement ring as more affordable and legitimate. If you are looking for an engagement ring, there’s nothing more special than white gold rings. Simple gold or diamond rings are attractive, but nowadays, people are looking for a variety, and white gold rings serve the purpose right.


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