BeautyWhy You Need to Purchase Bollard Lights

Why You Need to Purchase Bollard Lights

A bollard was initially used as the post to tie a ship on a wharf or dock. It was also a vertical stick that British people used to cordon people or vehicles off in a particular area. 

Today, bollard lighting is a great landscaping tool that provides both light and beauty to the outdoors. There are vast arrays of bollard lights that you can choose from nowadays. Here are some need-to-knows to help you out with your purchase.


A bollard light measures two to four feet in height and often comes in round or square posts. They primarily light the pathways, but here are some of their other functions:  


This outdoor light is excellent for outside spaces such as gardens, terraces, and driveways. They illuminate the path so that people and cars won’t walk and drive through your plants and lawn furnishings. 

These outdoor bollard lights give adequate spot-on lighting as they only highlight a particular range in a designated area. This situation is preferable if you want to conserve energy.

In addition, these lights often have soft downward lighting that is perfect for pedestrians and drivers as they won’t strain their eyes. The ground-level lighting will serve its purpose of guiding people without bothering anyone. 


A bollard light is the perfect aesthetic or finishing touch to your landscape. Installing these lights near a natural flora will show off your fantastic curb and yard. 

Furthermore, you can use them to put a spotlight on an accent wall or other architectural feature. 

Most importantly, you can use them as a safety precaution or warning as you point them toward a step or other hazard. 

Street Safety

Most streets and highways also use bollard light rows to separate cars and pedestrians. This distinction provides ample space for both parties to stay in their lanes and prevent accidents.

The specific design of a bollard ensures that there will be no interior damage to the vehicle if it, unfortunately, crashes into one. In addition, the cylinder below the light bulb can be filled with sand which dampens the impact of the force. 

This design allows the driver to be alert to their boundaries and slows the vehicle’s motion down, leading to further predicaments. 

Crime Prevention

A bollard light can deter thieves from looting you and your household. In addition, a well-lit environment increases the chance for a burglar to be caught, so they might tend to keep away from your home. 

Additionally, getting proof of their crime would be easier if they and their havoc were visible even at night. Installing security cameras and alarms will surely aid in preventing their attempts. 


Bollard outdoor lights are usually made from metal and strong plastic. Additionally, they can be covered and furnished with polyethylene which provides more protection, allowing them to withstand seasonal elements and changes in the long run. 

Because of the bollard light’s ability to stand through time, strategically setting rows of them would be ideal. 

Lining them up straight would be best for driveways. Meanwhile, staggering them is perfect for gardens and natural areas. 

You can install the bollards in soil or pavements. However, every brand and type will differ in installation processes and requirements. Thus, it would be wise to follow their instructions and hire professionals for the job.


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