What factors a home loan lender takes into account? It doesn’t matter if you apply in person or online home loan. How does a loan application determine whether a loan application will repay the loan? Continue reading to find the solution to your concerns. Each applicant’s loan eligibility is unique and based on a variety of variables.

1. Current age and remaining professional years: 

The applicant’s age is crucial in assessing eligibility for offline and online home loans. A young individual can get a longer-term loan because the maximum loan term is normally capped at 30 years or retirement age; the loan term for the elderly is considerably lower. Furthermore, a young person’s extended working life will allow them to benefit from better loan terms than an older person.

2. Financial Status: 

The ongoing and prospective earnings will have a big impact on deciding the loan amount to make sure that you can pay the loan regularly. In addition to the amount of money earned, the consistency and quality of that money are taken into account.

3. Past and present credit history, as well as credit score:

A track record of on-time payments will give your loan application more credibility. Furthermore, having a good credit score means you have a low risk of defaulting. This is encouraging news for mortgage lenders.

4. Other financial obligations: 

The existing liabilities, such as a vehicle loan or credit card debt, will be evaluated by the house loan lender to ensure that you can handle the additional loan’s increased load.

5. Personal profile: 

The total personal profile, including your background, educational qualifications, and other factors, will influence loan acceptance.

6. Desired property features:

Home loan lenders may have requirements for the underlying property, such as its age, size, etc. The loan application will be turned down if it does not conform.

7. Existing guarantor of the loan: 

If you are an established guarantor for a loan, the lender will treat it as a loan you own and take it into account when considering loan eligibility. Furthermore, if the borrower defaults, it could negatively influence your creditworthiness.

The above elements will assist home loan lenders in developing loan conditions and repayment schedules based on the information provided. The loan eligibility is largely determined by the income and ability to repay the loan. Here are some tips to help to improve overall eligibility.

  • Add a co-applicant to the loan, a wage earner, such as your spouse.
  • Check with the lender about a structured repayment plan.
  • Make sure you have a consistent revenue stream and save and invest regularly.
  • Provide information about the frequent other sources of income, such as rental income from another property you own, money from a business other than your job, etc.
  • Keep records of your variable pay, such as bonus payments, incentives, overtime, etc.
  • Look at your credit score and take the steps necessary to correct any inaccuracies or increase them.
  • Pay off existing debts and short-term obligations.


Applying for a home loan is challenging. Several lenders provide you with the option of evaluating your loan eligibility online using calculators to make the loan application process more manageable. You can begin to apply for an offline and online home loan with your preferred lender.


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