BeautyTypes of Freestanding Baths: What Should You Get?

Types of Freestanding Baths: What Should You Get?

Freestanding baths were the OG for bathtubs a few centuries ago. But unfortunately, the material was made from metal or copper. Therefore, most of them didn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays, however, freestanding baths are gaining popularity again as it carries the capacity to create luxurious designs and advanced manufacturing.

Freestanding baths provide a sophisticated and spacious vibe to your bathroom. If you’re planning to get one for your home, there are a lot of cheap freestanding baths available in the market. But, before that, here’s a guide to know what type of freestanding bath you should get.

Traditional & Roll Top

These freestanding baths come in single and double-ended varieties, with most of them having legs and feet at the bottom, which elevate them. This creates a magnificent look that is great for creating a periodic aesthetic.

A roll-top freestanding bath differentiates from the original traditional style with a curved border around the rim. This illustrates a vintage or classic aesthetic, popular among people looking for a more lavish bath.

Slipper Baths

This type of bath is named after its shape, which resembles a slipper. They are a form of a regular freestanding bath, just with a raised side or sometimes both sides, that allow for a much more thorough soak. This type of bath enables you to relax while supporting your back and neck.

Slipper baths are the perfect alternative for people who want freestanding baths but do not have enough space in their bathrooms. After all, slipper baths take up less space since they are intended more for depth than length. Also, they are among the comfiest bath types, plus they come in modern styles as well.

Back-to-Wall Freestanding Baths

Another alternative for small-spaced bathrooms is back-to-wall freestanding baths; these baths have their long edge parallel to a wall. This freestanding bath is perfect for those who can’t change their plumbing and want to work with what they already have since the plumbing is against the wall.

Also, these back-to-wall baths provide an expensive look and experience to your bath while keeping a versatile and pragmatic design. More importantly, this type of bathtub is easier to clean since it eliminates the problem of maintaining hard-to-reach areas behind the bath.

Corner Freestanding Baths

Like back-to-wall freestanding baths, another alternative for space-conscious people is corner freestanding baths. Both right-hand and left-hand variants are available to meet your demands. Despite being a newcomer to the market, corner freestanding baths gained popularity rapidly.

As derived from its name, the beauty of this type of bath is that it can be nestled into a corner while giving your bathroom a contemporary feel. These baths can also fit larger vanities or maybe shower enclosures in small bathrooms with limited floor space.

Contemporary Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths don’t just come in traditional and vintage-looking styles. Some of them already come in sleek, modern, and minimalist designs. In addition, most of these freestanding baths are fixed directly on the floor rather than having legs and feet, eliminating the problem of cleaning dirt buildup underneath.

You can choose a variety of curved and straight-lined designs with this contemporary bath, depending on the decor of your bathroom. Additionally, freestanding slipper baths with double elevated sides are common in contemporary styles targeting extra comfort and an extravagant vibe.
Finding the perfect bathtub doesn’t need to break the bank. There are cheap freestanding baths that suit your style and your bathroom space. Additionally, it’s worth noting that if you plan to put an independent freestanding bath close to a wall, you might struggle to clean your bathroom. There will be more small spaces to collect dust. A flush-fitting back-to-wall version will fit better for a small spaced bathroom if that is the case.


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