BusinessThe Explanation of Tax Sales on Gold

The Explanation of Tax Sales on Gold

Having gold in your investment portfolio is one of the best financial decisions you can make. And something that can get your back in times of crisis. This precious metal is also highly profitable, especially if you plan to hold it for a while. That’s how it can become a part of your retirement savings, too.

But there’s a catch about this asset that bothers most investors. IRS has many rules regarding this precious metal, and some of them can be quite hard to understand. As a result, most investors have doubts about the taxation of this asset, especially about different forms of investment gold (bullion, bars, coins).

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Is Gold Taxable?

As with any other asset, physical gold is subject to tax rules. The IRS considers its products as collectibles. So, their value is the basis for determining the amount of taxation. Simply, the rarer and more valuable your assets are, the higher fee you’ll pay.

Suppose you are a regular investor and are not a precious metal dealer. In that case, you will be charged the 28% capital gains rate. If you hold your assets for less than 12 months, you will pay for it as ordinary income. 

But if you keep it for more than a year, the tax treatment is different. Gains on these investments are not taxable until they’re distributed. After that, the proceeds are taxed at the marginal income rate. 

There are many rules governing these investments, but it’s important to note that these are subject to change. For example, if you sell precious metal goods for more than you paid for them, you’ll face capital gains taxes. But if you don’t earn anything from the sale, you won’t have to worry about these costs.

Taxation of Gold Sale

When selling your physical gold, you should understand the tax rules. In addition to the usual capital gains tax, you will also have to pay 3% of the sales price. This tax may be short-term or long-term, but you must claim it on your income tax return. 

The calculation for the capital gain is quite simple: take the purchase price of your gold item and subtract it from the current fair market value. This amount will be your starting point and be adjusted for the increase or decrease in value. 

If you are selling gold for more than you paid for it, you must pay taxes on all the proceeds. In other words, you’ll be charged only if you gain some profit from the sale. You must be careful not to depreciate your assets, or else you may face a large penalty.

How to Calculate Your Obligations

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Profit is the difference you get when you subtract the price you pay for a commodity from the price at which you sell it. The capital gains tax of 28% is a fee you pay on this difference. If the purchase price is higher than the sale, you gain no profit, so you pay nothing. On this website, find out what to do in case of a capital loss.

Things differ a bit if you inherited or got this precious metal as a gift. In that case, the ‘purchase price’ will be the fair market value that prevailed in the market at the time when you got the inheritance or gift. The rest of the calculation is the same as for purchased assets.

You have to report every gold sale to the IRS, so they have an insight into the amount that will be taxed. You have to do this within 30 from the transaction. Then, depending on how much and what kinds of this precious metal you buy or sell, you’ll file different tax returns forms.

Can You Avoid Taxes on Gold Sale?

If you have purchased physical gold in the past, you may be able to deduct the gain from the sale. You can do this in two ways – with a gold IRA or reinvesting the proceeds in this precious metal. The latter is called a 1031 exchange and can postpone the tax until you sell your assets for cash, i.e., until you decide to stop reinvesting.

Self-directed IRA

If you set a gold IRA, the assets you already have can’t be a part of this account. In other words, you must use this IRA to buy new gold. You contribute to this account and use that money to invest in this precious metal again. Third parties (your broker and custodian) initiate these transactions on your behalf.

When you make profits within a self-directed IRA, your fund grows, and you pay no sales tax on gold you have in this account. That will happen only when you decide to stop contributing it and withdraw your funds, usually when you retire. Then, you can be taxed for the entire amount if you get all money at once. Or, if you opt for monthly distributions, the tax will be deducted every time you get this payment.

Another advantage of a gold IRA is that you can transfer it to heirs with minimal or no taxes. And while sidestepping inheritance taxes is a significant financial relief, the IRS’s regulations require you to keep your assets in an authorized depository. 

There’s a saying that you can’t avoid death and paying taxes. Gold transactions that are not reported by the IRA can get you into serious trouble. So make sure you’re well-informed on these regulations and pay your obligations on time.


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