Neurological disorders are conditions that impact the human brain and the nerves connecting to the spinal cord. A person’s neurology is a sum of their brain and spinal cord. When it faces structural, biochemical, or electrical defectiveness people might suffer from paralysis, seizures, pain, dwindled consciousness, confusion, and several other symptoms. 

The best neurology hospital in Delhi allows people to delve deeper into these conditions. There are various causes that stem from these conditions such as genetic disorders, unhealthy lifestyle, brain/nerve/spinal cord injuries, and congenital abnormalities. 

People might also suffer from mental disorders causing impaired behaviors. The U.S. Library State of Medicine states that there are over 600 neurological disorders. Autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and brain tumors are a few. Some people are born with these disorders while others may be affected by them during life. 

Regardless of the reasons causing these disorders, they are highly complex and interfere with a person’s thinking capabilities. People might falter speeches, have trouble hearing, communicating, or even moving. They are dependent on others to navigate them through life. The best neurology hospital in Delhi is adept with patients undergoing these conditions and proffer excellent treatment. 


Bodies are a combination of mental and physical aspects. They both need to be sharpened to maintain good health and steer clear of detrimental conditions. No one likes relying on other people for their existence and hence, bodies and the mind must be catered to. There are a few tips provided below that will help people implement this directive: 

1) Avoid sedentary lifestyle: One cannot emphasize enough the importance of exercising. It helps to keep active and alert. It is a fact that the body releases serotonin, a happy hormone, thus keeping one optimistic and driven. Active blood flow stimulates memory retention and also allows one to keep their body in check. 

Negative energy pent-up overtime can also take a toll on one’s mental health. The world we live in advocates the importance of investing in oneself before anything else. The susceptibility to a condition like Alzheimer’s can be lowered with exercising because it promotes new cell development. 

2) Prioritise sleep: These are tough times to be alive. People propagate a no sleep culture and workaholism is rewarded. While there is nothing wrong to be committed to one’s goals, sleep is a crucial part of an individual’s life. It helps you reset and perform better the next day. 

Sleep-deprived individuals cannot perform optimally because they are tired, have a shorter attention span, and might get burnt out. Hence, learn to balance the aspects harmoniously. 

3) Eat a balanced diet: With platforms like Instagram taking the world by storm, they advocate healthy eating habits. Gone are the days when eating cuppa noodles and staying dehydrated were celebrated. There are thousands of fitness influencers on the internet, who endorse healthy recipes. 

There is also a plethora of health applications that allow you to check the number of calories being consumed in a day and whether you ate a balanced meal. Do not skip your greens and load up on proteins. 

4) Rack your brain: Racking one’s brain isn’t always about problem-solving at work. Instead, try to implement this philosophy in everyday life. You can indulge in puzzles or newer activities that allow you to learn and grow. 

You must always be prepared to take on new challenges because there is a sea of undiscovered knowledge waiting for you to explore it. Be it acquiring a new skill, reading a book, or watching a documentary, never stop broadening your horizons.


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