BusinessHow to transform your swimwear into everyday-wear clothes

How to transform your swimwear into everyday-wear clothes

The searches for swimsuits online tend to rise right around the start of spring and summer. However, since the rise of Covid-19, your swimsuit collection is undoubtedly gathering dust as you put off huge trips and long weekend getaways till who knows when. One option is to think beyond the box: A string bikini may, of course, do double duty as a bra substitute, but full-coverage options allow you to wear them more frequently than just on the beach. They’re a great alternative for the office, too. If you’re not planning on hitting the beach anytime soon, try these five hacks to make your favourite black swimsuit last longer.


As a result of the abundance of swimwear businesses designing styles based on current fashion, it’s easy to mistake your suit for an actual piece of apparel. For a look that’s comfortable for a casual lunch, try wearing a one-piece design like a colourful off-the-shoulder swimsuit with jeans. While any pair of bottoms would look amazing with a traditional black swimsuit, pair it with denim shorts for a cute but classy look.

Using a complementary set

An understated swimsuit can blend into the background or be the focal point of an otherwise simple suiting ensemble. You can layer a bikini top under a button-down for a more imaginative look.

With a sheer dress

Try layering your bathing suit under something sheer if you want to dip your toe into the trend. A two-piece isn’t always necessary to pair with a sheer dress; the understated one-piece swimsuit works just as well with a dress too.

Pair with with high waisted pants as a cropped top

A bikini-top can be substituted with an improvised crop top paired with high-waisted slacks. Match a vibrant swimsuit design with straight-leg jeans and a blazer for a refined summer outfit, or go for a swimsuit top, such as a tankini to pass it off as a shirt.

Pair with either a skirt or shorts.

Wear your swimwear top with a flowing, airy midi skirt on days when the heat is unbearable. Pair it up with a jacket for any indoor activities that include air conditioning if you start to feel cold.

After-hours party wear

For a night out with the girls, bring out that bustier-style leopard-print one-piece swimsuit you’ve always loved! It’s the perfect bodysuit when matched with a black velvet skirt, a leather jacket, and high heels.

Dresses for the warmer months of the year

A bikini top is one of the most athletic-inspired pieces you’ll find for a romantic-sporty style. In the end, it’s all about getting things done. Instead of wearing a crop top this summer, opt for a tankini or a longline bikini top with your favourite wrap midi skirt and sandals for everything from brunch with friends to a romantic date night under the stars.


Overalls are the ideal transitional piece for individuals who want to appreciate the weather and expose a little skin but don’t want to expose too much. As opposed to a bodysuit or lovely lace bralette, go big with your most striking bikini top under your dress.

It’s up to you how you choose to style your swimwear, so pick comfortable clothes for yourself. Do not let your worries about how to wear your swimsuit outside of the pool or beach keep you from enjoying life. Think about these tips the next time you put on your bikini and want to make a statement everywhere you go.


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