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Give Your Kitchen an Antique Look – The Best Decorating Ideas to Count On

Several homeowners want a yesteryear look in their kitchen space. Are you one of them? If yes, you should say yes to the antique kitchen theme. You don’t need to worry about how to go about it, as there are great ideas about it. Those antiques are widely accessible from the shops and fairs if you look around. You can even count on some of the leading online retailers who can provide you with the best options. When you are opting in for this kitchen décor idea, you can go anywhere from the distinctive artwork to the antique accessories for your kitchen. 

The elements of an antique kitchen décor

If you study and research, you will find that antique kitchens can take almost any forms. It means it can be a colonial-inspired design and a new-age style décor, which will blend the line between vintage and antique. One of the essential aspects of any antique-style kitchen is that it reflects a more pastoral, rustic design, especially when it’s about the antique elements which they showcase. It usually dates back to a time when cooking used to stay closely associated with the agricultural traditions. And for this purpose, the antique kitchens most have a “country kitchen” or a “farm table” feel, depending on the decorative elements. 

The cutlery, pans and pots, and other kitchen aspects are always available, from the sharp knives to the iron skillets, which you can make use of in your daily kitchen. The others might be considered better for showcasing inside the kitchen space, such as the bronze pans and pots that can hang from the decorative rack atop the stove, providing a visual appeal to the kitchen space. Also, one of the standard ways to integrate the vintage decorative flourishes into the kitchen design is to have cookware that dates to a specific historical time. 

When it’s your kitchen décor, you should also think about the faucet. That also ensures whether you are keeping to the antique kitchen theme or not. Hence, when you are selecting a new faucet, make sure you take it from an expert service provider who specializes in designs that can cater to the best kitchen décor ideas. And today, you will find several such service providers online. 

The artwork is an essential component

The artwork is yet another scope for you to showcase the antique looks in the kitchen design. It can feature historical, and natural farming scenes and have pastoral scenes with fauna and flora. The drawings, paintings, and the etchings from the varied historical eras can add vibrancy to the kitchen wall. Also, it is widely available at antique fairs and art shops. 

The other way for adding an element of interest to the antique kitchen décor is to manage the storage choice. You can say yes to the antique glass jars that you can get in a wide range of sizes and colors. The toile or floral designs are available in multiple colors and styles that feature several designs which are authentic and attractive to the ancient era. Usually, they come in intricate designs and symbols that represent agricultural traditions. Also, if you want, you can even opt-in for wallpaper when you are selecting this kitchen décor. 

Creating a 1940s theme in your kitchen

While we are discussing about the antique kitchen décor, it’s a brilliant idea to try and create a 1940s kitchen theme. Even though the shift went to new-age designs and materials, an antique element persisted. Several of the décor elements popular during that time are available in the kitchen. Hence, you can create a lot with what you have in your hand. 

During cooking, the implements and the accessories might not come to your mind. However, they tend to feature when you visualize the complete design. This kitchen style comes with ample décor options that make the kitchen space appear functional and attractive. It is simple and makes use of the low-profile pans and pots in the stainless-steel material. It’s because, during that time, the other metals weren’t in adequate supply. And since it was the time after the war, the items started to change from functional, simple things to more new-age and sleeker pieces, still retaining a part of their essence. 

The color palette is essential

Here color schemes play a crucial part. In most of the 1940s kitchens, the walls used to be of neutral color. And sometimes, if it did have any shade, it used to be muted shades of yellow, green, and blue. The flooring, tabletops, countertops, and other storage accessories often got used for adding a splash of color. It also featured bold oranges, reds, greens, and blues. 

Also, developing on the theme of transition, this kitchen décor kept with the elements of country and traditional kitchens. Even though the generations might have been a generation that got detached from the pastoral and rustic traditions, the items like plaid or floral curtains, toile, bench cushions, and seats used to be very famous. It often added light and color to the design. The use of wallpaper was also every day, depicting pastoral scenes or having floral designs. 

Managing the storage and the artwork

During the 1940s, storage wasn’t costly. Hence, several homeowners used to store the kitchen supplies in the mason jars, porcelain containers, and big glass. Now that you wish to recreate this kitchen style, you can stick to this aspect. It will provide scope to showcase attractive vintage containers atop the shelves and countertops and offer a functional storage choice at the same time. Additionally, the artwork is a crucial aspect of this kitchen décor. And as found in the pillows, seat cushions, and curtains, the artwork can highlight the pastoral designs, that feature subjects such as taxonomical plant sketches and the animals and farmscapes.

Last but not least, the hardware accessories can also add to the visual appeal of this kitchen décor. You can have glass or crystal pulls for the doorknobs or drawers to give a unique look to your kitchen. 


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