blogConceal Carry Holster Secrets Revealed

Conceal Carry Holster Secrets Revealed

A Conceal carry Holster can be used to store your gun discreetly. There are many different types of guns available for you to choose from. We’re going to look at what kind of gun is best, the handgun vs. the revolver, different holster styles, and how to properly use a concealed carry holster.

First, let’s talk about concealed carry holster styles. There are two basic styles, the pancake style, and the pocket style. The pocket style fits around your waist and may have a flap to open from the top. The pancake-style is more pronounced in the front of your body, has no flap at all on the top. You can also get belts for both types of holsters that don’t slide down on you while you’re wearing them. I prefer to use a belt because it can be worn under clothes without everyone knowing what kind of holster it is.

The type of gun that you choose will determine which type of holster would be best for you. I personally use the Glock model 19, and since it is a bit bigger than most other pistols, it requires the pancake-style holster. The pocket style wouldn’t work for me because it’s not as easy to conceal and you can see your gun poking out. For me, the pancake holster is easier to conceal and I don’t have to worry about people noticing my gun. Other handguns that I’ve seen used in concealed carry holsters are Beretta 92s, Sig Sauer P226s, and Smith & Wesson revolvers such as the M&P compact (not recommended).

Since you’re going to be carrying a weapon around on your person 24-7, quality is key. I’ve had my Glock 19 concealed carry holster for over a year now and it has served me extremely well. The holster is made of Kydex with a polymer frame that is designed for the contours of the Glock 19. I have found that you can adjust this holster to fit just about any gun and it won’t slip off your waist when you sit down. The clasps on top and bottom of the holster ensure that your gun will stay in place safely at all times, even under the heaviest loadings.

I carry my Glock 19 loaded with 9mm ammo. When I take my gun off-duty I remove the mags, so there’s no need to conceal them. I like it because it can fit in my front right pocket, and no one will notice, even if I’m wearing shorts. It also gives me the ability to carry ammo with me.

For the dressing, I always wear jeans or cargo pants and a tucked-in polo shirt to conceal my gun. When it comes to winter and summer clothes, I wear a jacket (winter) and a hoodie (summer) over my concealed carry holster. This type of holster is great for women because they can wear loose clothing that can conceal gun shapes that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be concealed by tight clothing. Having a concealed carry holster with you is your best bet when it comes to home security and I use it everywhere I go.

And as with any gun, you should also invest in a quality concealment backpack as well. A good concealment backpack allows you to carry extra ammunition, water bottles, and even an extra gun or two if needed. The one I use is the Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack which has plenty of room inside and secures with a zipper and Velcro straps so your weapons don’t slip out.

The one thing you should never forget about is safety. Whenever you are carrying a weapon, it should be pointed in the safest direction possible. This means that you need to know how to use your weapon while still being able to defend yourself if necessary. You should have a good grip on your firearm, keep the muzzle pointed in the safest direction possible, and follow all of your safety rules when carrying out any civilian job that involves weapons.

So what are the benefits of concealed carry holsters? The ability to carry a gun openly or covertly around with you 24/7 is an added benefit that not many people take advantage of. You can always take it out for target practice or otherwise train with it if you’d like.


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