KnowledgeArsenal vs Burnley F.C.: Current Standings and Stats

Arsenal vs Burnley F.C.: Current Standings and Stats

The clash between Arsenal and Burnley F.C. always ignites excitement among football fans. As two strong teams in the English Premier League, their encounters are never short of drama and intensity. In this article, we will delve into the current standings and statistics of both clubs to provide insight into their performance in the league.

Current Standings

In the 2021/2022 season of the Premier League, both Arsenal and Burnley F.C. are aiming to secure their positions in the top-flight of English football. As of the latest update, Arsenal is positioned 10th in the league table, while Burnley F.C. is placed 18th.


  • Matches Played: Arsenal has played 13 matches so far in the season.
  • Wins: They have secured 6 wins.
  • Draws: Arsenal has had 2 draws.
  • Losses: The team has suffered 5 defeats.
  • Points: With 20 points, Arsenal strives to climb higher in the league standings.

Burnley F.C.:

  • Matches Played: Burnley F.C. has also played 13 matches.
  • Wins: They have won 1 match.
  • Draws: Burnley F.C. has drawn 5 matches.
  • Losses: The team has faced 7 defeats.
  • Points: With 8 points, Burnley F.C. aims to improve their performance in the upcoming fixtures.

Key Player Performances


  • Emile Smith Rowe: The young midfielder has been a standout performer for Arsenal, showcasing creativity and skill on the field.
  • Bukayo Saka: Saka’s versatility and attacking prowess have been pivotal for Arsenal in creating goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Aaron Ramsdale: The goalkeeper has impressed with his shot-stopping abilities and commanding presence in the box.

Burnley F.C.:

  • Chris Wood: The striker has been Burnley F.C.’s main goal threat, using his physicality and finishing skills to trouble opposition defenses.
  • Maxwel Cornet: Cornet’s pace and direct style of play have provided Burnley F.C. with an attacking outlet on the wings.
  • Nick Pope: Burnley F.C.’s goalkeeper, Pope, has made crucial saves to keep his team in contention in matches.

Head-to-Head Statistics

In their recent encounters, Arsenal has maintained a competitive edge over Burnley F.C. in terms of head-to-head statistics. However, Burnley F.C. has proven to be a resilient opponent, often causing trouble for the Gunners with their defensive solidity and set-piece prowess.

Key Head-to-Head Stats:

  • Total Matches Played: Arsenal and Burnley F.C. have faced each other in 12 matches.
  • Arsenal Wins: Arsenal has emerged victorious in 8 matches.
  • Burnley F.C. Wins: Burnley F.C. has secured 2 wins.
  • Draws: The teams have played out 2 draws in their encounters.

Key Factors Influencing the Match


  • Attacking Prowess: Arsenal’s dynamic attacking players will seek to break down Burnley F.C.’s defense with quick passing and movement.
  • Midfield Battle: Control of the midfield will be crucial for Arsenal to dictate the tempo of the game and create scoring opportunities.
  • Defensive Organization: Maintaining a solid defensive structure will be vital for Arsenal to counter Burnley F.C.’s physical and aerial threat.

Burnley F.C.:

  • Set-Piece Threat: Burnley F.C. will look to capitalize on set-piece situations to test Arsenal’s defense and potentially find scoring opportunities.
  • Compact Defense: A compact defensive shape will be essential for Burnley F.C. to nullify Arsenal’s attacking threats and stay resilient at the back.
  • Counter-Attacking: Exploiting Arsenal’s potential defensive vulnerabilities on the counter-attack can be a key strategy for Burnley F.C. to create goal-scoring chances.

Match Predictions

Given the current form and standings of both teams, Arsenal enters the match as the favorite based on their higher league position and overall squad quality. However, Burnley F.C. has shown resilience in difficult matchups and could pose a challenge for Arsenal with their defensive solidity and set-piece efficiency.

Player Injury Updates


  • Granit Xhaka: Midfielder, Xhaka, is out with a hamstring injury and is expected to return after a few weeks.
  • Nuno Tavares: Defender, Tavares, is sidelined with a muscular injury and is undergoing rehabilitation.
  • Kieran Tierney: Left-back, Tierney, is recovering from a knee injury and is undergoing rehabilitation.

Burnley F.C.:

  • Dale Stephens: Midfielder, Stephens, is recovering from a hamstring injury and is undergoing fitness training.
  • Nathan Collins: Defender, Collins, is sidelined with an ankle injury and is expected to return in the coming weeks.
  • Ashley Westwood: Midfielder, Westwood, is nursing a minor knock and is being assessed for the upcoming match.


The clash between Arsenal and Burnley F.C. promises to be a thrilling encounter filled with exciting moments and tactical battles on the field. With Arsenal aiming to climb higher in the league standings and Burnley F.C. fighting to escape relegation, both teams will be eager to secure a crucial victory.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When is the upcoming match between Arsenal and Burnley F.C. scheduled to take place?

  • The match is scheduled to be held on [Date], [Day], [Time] at [Venue].

2. How can I watch the Arsenal vs. Burnley F.C. match live?

  • The match will be broadcasted live on [TV Channel] or can be streamed online through [Streaming Platform].

3. What is the historical record between Arsenal and Burnley F.C. in previous seasons?

  • Arsenal has a favorable record against Burnley F.C., with a higher number of wins in their head-to-head matchups.

4. Who are the top goal scorers for Arsenal and Burnley F.C. in the current season?

  • The top goal scorers for Arsenal are [Player Names] with [#] goals, while Burnley F.C.’s top scorers are [Player Names] with [#] goals.

5. Are there any suspensions for either team in the upcoming match?

  • As of the latest update, there are no reported suspensions for either Arsenal or Burnley F.C. players for the upcoming match.

6. How have Arsenal and Burnley F.C. performed in their recent fixtures leading up to this match?

  • Both teams’ recent performances have been [Describe Arsenal’s recent form] for Arsenal and [Describe Burnley F.C.’s recent form] for Burnley F.C.

7. Which tactics are likely to be employed by Arsenal and Burnley F.C. in the upcoming match?

  • Arsenal could focus on [Tactical Approach for Arsenal], while Burnley F.C. might emphasize [Tactical Approach for Burnley F.C.].

8. What are the key areas where Arsenal could have an advantage over Burnley F.C. in the upcoming match?

  • Arsenal’s advantage could lie in [Key Areas of Advantage for Arsenal], such as [Strengths of Arsenal].

9. What are the recent injury updates for key players of both Arsenal and Burnley F.C.?

  • [Outline recent injury updates for Arsenal and Burnley F.C. players as of the latest information].

10. What are the implications of the upcoming match on the league standings for both Arsenal and Burnley F.C.?

  • A win for Arsenal could help them climb higher in the table, while Burnley F.C. would aim to secure points to move away from the relegation zone.


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