InsightsArg W Vs Ch W: A Comparison of Argentavis vs Chalicotherium in...

Arg W Vs Ch W: A Comparison of Argentavis vs Chalicotherium in ARK


In the expansive world of ARK: Survival Evolved, players are presented with a plethora of prehistoric and fantastical creatures to tame, ride, and utilize for various purposes. Two such unique creatures are the Argentavis and Chalicotherium. In this article, we will delve into a detailed comparison of these two beasts, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, uses, and characteristics within the game.


Physical Characteristics

The Argentavis, also known as the Argy, is a colossal avian predator that dominates the skies of ARK. With a wingspan that rivals most small aircraft, the Argentavis is a sight to behold. Its powerful talons can snatch prey from the ground, making it a formidable aerial hunter.


  1. Aerial Superiority: The Argentavis reigns supreme in the skies, allowing players to travel swiftly and gracefully across the map.
  2. Carrying Capacity: One of the most significant advantages of the Argentavis is its ability to carry other creatures, making it an invaluable asset for taming and transportation.
  3. Combat Prowess: In battle, the Argentavis is a force to be reckoned with, able to swoop down on enemies with lethal precision.


  1. Vulnerability on the Ground: Despite its prowess in the air, the Argentavis is relatively vulnerable when grounded, making it susceptible to ground-based threats.
  2. Stamina Drain: Extensive flying can quickly deplete the Argentavis’s stamina, necessitating frequent landings for recovery.
  3. Limited Maneuverability: While agile in flight, the Argentavis can struggle in tight spaces or dense forests due to its massive size.


Physical Characteristics

The Chalicotherium presents a stark contrast to the Argentavis, resembling a bizarre hybrid of a horse and gorilla. With its elongated limbs and unique combat abilities, the Chalicotherium is a versatile creature with a range of uses.


  1. Projectile Attack: The Chalicotherium possesses a unique ability to hurl boulders at enemies, providing ranged combat capabilities.
  2. Versatility: Apart from combat, the Chalicotherium can harvest thatch and wood effectively, making it a valuable resource gatherer.
  3. Tankiness: With robust health and defense stats, the Chalicotherium can withstand significant damage in battle.


  1. Limited Speed: The Chalicotherium’s movement speed is relatively slow compared to other mounts, making it less suitable for rapid traversal.
  2. Encumbrance Issues: Despite its resource-gathering capabilities, the Chalicotherium’s carrying capacity is limited, requiring frequent trips back and forth.
  3. Vulnerability to Aerial Attacks: Due to its ground-based nature, the Chalicotherium is susceptible to ambushes from flying predators like the Argentavis.

Argentavis vs. Chalicotherium: The Showdown

When comparing these two creatures in ARK, several factors come into play. The Argentavis excels in aerial mobility, combat agility, and carrying capacity, making it ideal for players who prioritize swift travel and versatile utility. On the other hand, the Chalicotherium shines in ranged combat, resource harvesting, and tanking capabilities, appealing to those focused on base building and defensive strategies.

In a direct confrontation, the outcome would largely depend on the situation and terrain. The Argentavis could swiftly swoop down on the Chalicotherium from above, utilizing its aerial advantage to outmaneuver and strike at vulnerable spots. Conversely, the Chalicotherium could leverage its projectile attacks to chip away at the Argentavis’s health from a distance, forcing it into a defensive position.

The Decision: Argentavis or Chalicotherium?

Ultimately, the choice between the Argentavis and Chalicotherium boils down to individual playstyles, preferences, and immediate needs in the game. Players seeking fast travel, aerial combat prowess, and creature transportation should opt for the Argentavis. Conversely, those prioritizing ranged attacks, resource gathering efficiency, and defensive capabilities may find the Chalicotherium more suited to their gameplay.


In the dynamic world of ARK: Survival Evolved, every creature offers unique advantages and drawbacks, catering to a wide range of playstyles and strategies. Whether soaring through the skies on an Argentavis or hurling boulders with a Chalicotherium, players can immerse themselves in diverse gameplay experiences with these remarkable beasts.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can the Argentavis pick up other players and creatures?
  2. Yes, the Argentavis has the ability to carry both players and smaller creatures in its talons.

  3. How can I best utilize the Chalicotherium’s ranged attack in combat?

  4. Position yourself strategically to maintain distance from enemies while pelting them with boulders for maximum effectiveness.

  5. What is the best way to increase the Argentavis’s stamina for prolonged flights?

  6. Feeding the Argentavis Stimberries or consuming Sweet Vegetable Cakes can help replenish its stamina quickly.

  7. Do Argentavis and Chalicotherium have any special abilities unique to them?

  8. Yes, the Argentavis can perform a barrel roll mid-flight for evasive maneuvers, while the Chalicotherium can hurl rocks at enemies for ranged damage.

  9. Which creature is more suitable for taming and transporting other creatures across long distances?

  10. The Argentavis with its carrying capacity and aerial mobility is generally a better choice for taming and transportation tasks in ARK.


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