Business8 Ways to Customize Your Packaging for Better Customer Engagement

8 Ways to Customize Your Packaging for Better Customer Engagement

The first thing a customer notices is the packaging of the product. So you have to understand your market and optimize everything for your customer demographic. 

For instance, having a great product won’t bring attention. You cannot compete with just product quality in the twenty-first century. It’s an era of service competition. 

Customizing the box, wrapper, tape, and bag can be a great addition to your product and can actually lead to better customer engagement. If you are interested, please take a look at this article to know the importance of it and how you can use custom packaging tactics as well.   

Eight Custom Packaging Ideas and Why We Should Care About It 

You can connect with your customer even more. It creates a memorable experience for them. Custom Packaging has many benefits : 

Target Marketing 

If you know your demographic, you can use custom packing to bring in their interest and values. It will help create connections.

Brand Consistency

The custom package shows the consistency of the brand. It makes everything neat and organized. It helps to create a brand identity. Your customers get the gist of your brand quality.

Social Media Outreach

An impressed customer will share their experience on social media. The aesthetic and organized package will increase interest. An increase in interest will create more customer engagement.

The Boldness of Your Brand

It creates a uniqueness to your brand. Your style, logos, the shape of the box, and color gets recognized. It is a statement to your demographic and competitors.

Now that you know the main reasons why custom packaging is beneficial, let’s talk about how you can use custom packaging to drive better engagement and sales for your business. 

1.  Using Custom Packaging Tape 

Packaging tapes are typically clear and transparent. If you use custom package tape for shipping, it adds uniqueness. You can change the color a bit, add your logo, and maybe a message to the tape. 

Custom tapes send a good vibe to the customers. It creates value. It sends an idea that your brand is catering to the preferences, tastes, and needs of its loyal customer base. 

Custom tapes are not limited to shipping boxes. You can also use it inside the box. Use glitter tapes inside the corner of the box. 

2.  Include a Thank You Card

Putting a welcome note or a thank you card inside your package can make it a memorable experience for the customers. You let them know that you were grateful to do business with them through this card. Thank them for trusting your brand.

You can handle this process in a few creative ways: 

  • High-quality cards.
  • Include the founder’s signature.
  • Casual fonts.
  • Hand-written note.
  • Put discount coupon codes.
  • Promotional placement for other products.
  • Mention charity works.
  • Company goals.

3.  Customized Shipping Box

Send your products inside a customized packaging box. A plain shipping box is an idea of the past. A customized shipping box can pleasantly surprise your customer. 

Before making a customized shipping box :

  • Consult with a professional designer.
  • Make sure that the box fits the product.
  • Ensure that the box fits the personality of your company.
  • Try your best to make it eco-friendly.
  • Observe whether the design supports the unboxing experience. Because remember, a shipping box design that offers an interesting unboxing experience can gather better customer engagement. 

4.  Add Free Samples and Small Gifts

Adding free samples and small gifts increases the value of the package. It’s a fantastic way to surprise your customers. Even a seemingly low-value or no-value gift can make a big impact. After all, it’s your devotion and the idea that counts.

Free samples are great choices for many reasons. You can introduce your new products which your customers may be unaware about but which you want them to know about. They will be more likely to make a purchase if they like the sample. 

Free gifts are a great way to increase customer happiness. You can transform a one-time buyer into a repeating one. Adding free gifts surprisingly demonstrates that you care about your customers as a brand. Plus, customers don’t expect anything. So the gifts don’t have to be expensive. Almost any addition will pleasantly surprise them. 

5.  Custom Stickers

Stickers are fun, popping, and visually charming. Custom stickers have more functionality than just a cosmetic or aesthetic appeal. You can add unique qualities to the brand through stickers. 

You can use custom stickers to seal off the package. You can also use it on the shipping box. Use stickers to seal the envelope carrying a welcome note or thank you card.

Custom stickers create a brand identity. A specific design with a specific logo helps customers to recognize your brand. Stickers are affordable. You can easily use it as a final touch to your package.  

6. Use Bubble Wraps

Using bubble wraps inside the shipping box can be an exciting experience for customers. Bubble wraps protect the product but it has another use. Customers love bubble wraps for popping the bubbly parts. 

Popping bubbles can create happy moments. Happy moments create happy memories and happy memories will create more customer engagement with the product.

You can also go for custom wrapping bubbles. You can put your brand’s name on it. Maybe some jokes along with it but make sure it’s happy stuff and goes with your brand’s personality.

7. Custom Mailing Bags

We have already talked about custom shipping boxes. But not all of your products may be suitable for a shipping box. Custom mailing bags are the best option for small items.

Poly bags are cheap and durable. You can add your brand’s name to it. You can even add your custom stickers to make it look neat. Keep in mind that poly mailing bags are not environment-friendly.

You can also use paper mailing bags. These mailing bags are smart, organized, and environment-friendly. Additionally, you can customize it even more. Add bubble wraps attached inside and you deliver a neat package to your customers. 

8.  Custom Wax-Stamps

Use custom wax stamps to seal-off the envelope or the package inside the shipping box. Custom wax stamps are time-consuming but it is worth the shot. 

It gracefully surprises your customer. They get a premium unboxing experience. You can go the extra mile by using scented wax. Opening the box will give them a sweet breeze of fresh smell. 

We advise you to use it for premium items or packages only.  


You need to think out of the box for custom packaging. It can be a deciding factor for the customer to become a return customer. 

The twenty-first century is a period of massive competition, almost warlike competition, between consumer brands. Not only do you need to have a great line of quality products but provide a unique, fulfilling, and memorable customer service experience as well. 

Customizing the package can make all the difference for your brand. Renowned brands have already advanced by strategically using custom packing ideas. Maybe you should too. Hope this article has brought you a little closer to being able to do that. Good luck!


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