The Nine Lives of ‘The Bachelor’: The Season 9 Premiere

The Bachelor

Are you the one? The question is on everyone’s mind as they watch the premiere of season 9. Ever since Are You The One first aired, people have been hooked. From its premise to its cast, it takes a truly special show to be able to captivate an audience like this. But are we seeing what we want to see? Is this really reality TV or scripted drama? And if so, who are these actors and how much are they paid for their work? All of these questions will be answered in our detailed breakdown of all things “are you the one.”

After reading this blog post on “are you the one” people should know how much work goes into making sure that this show continues being successful each year as well as some behind-the-scenes details about the cast members themselves who seem so real because they are.

Are You The One Season Nine Premiere: Secrets of a Reality TV Show  by Elizabeth T. Drew “The Bachelor” is back! And this year, there are not one but ten women vying for Ben Higgins’s hand in marriage. Okay, so they’re actually competing to win his heart on a reality show that follows their journey through the process and culminates with him choosing which woman he wants to propose at the end—but still! Ten ladies fighting over one guy? That’s just unheard of. We all know how “Bachelor” seasons usually go: after each episode airs where contestants’ feelings get hurt (and often crushed), viewers can’t wait until next week’s episode to see who Ben will choose.

As we’ve seen with previous seasons, the people on “The Bachelor” are real humans. They interact with each other and have feelings just like you or me—”Bachelor” producers don’t script every single thing that happens in front of a camera. And after nine years on air, it’s these human relationships—between cast members themselves as well as between contestants and Ben—that make this show such an addictive watch for viewers.”

There are mixed reviews about this new “Bachelor” premiere. One of these comes from Reality Steve, who said in his blog post that he felt like it was a “tired rerun.” It’s hard to disagree with him when looking at some other critics’ reviews: Bustle called it “banal,” and Vanity Fair wrote, “[the show] continues to be an ouroboros-style nightmare for viewers,” citing its scripted nature as well as lack of chemistry between Ben and all but one contestant.

But there were also plenty of rave reviews about Season Nine’s first episode—from people on Twitter or even just friends watching together over dinner! Fans seem really excited to get a chance to finally watch the show live, and some are celebrating because they feel like this season is less contrived than in previous years.

But enough of my thoughts—let me know what you think! Is The Bachelor coming back with more life? Or will it continue going down a spiral of decline?

As we bid farewell to Ben Higgins’ bachelor days, Season 12 is already in our sights. But before he said goodbye forever (or until it’s time for him to come around again), let’s take a look at some of his most memorable moments–and what might have been if things hadn’t gone quite so well! The first episode kicks off with an emotional montage set against piano music ‘a la Love Actually,’ showing all the people that helped shape Benjamin Higgens into who he was today; from his childhood best friend Connor being raised like they were brothers, to the girls who came and went from his life–and even a special appearance by our own Chris Harrison.

The montage ends with Ben proposing to Lauren Bushnell in Italy ‘after having been away for so long,’ he says. And although there are tears among all of them watching on TV (well, some of us were probably just getting emotional about finally seeing this season end), we’re also excited because it means that they get their happy ending!

We’ll be following up each week after new episodes air, but you can always keep track of what’s happening at The Bachelor or via US Weekly’s recaps every Monday morning. We hope you enjoy the rest of your season premiere!

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