The Gluten-Free Breakdown: Are Grits Vegan, Paleo, or Just Plain Unhealthy?

Gluten Free Breakdown

Are Grits Good for You?

Grits are a type of cornmeal, and are typically eaten as part of the meal. They’re a staple in Southern cuisine, but they’re also popular in other parts of the country. There are three main types: ground grits (like polenta), stone-ground grits (coarsely ground), and hominy grits (made from dried corn soaked in lye). Grits can be made with either whole milk or water to create creamier versions, like porridge. A common misconception is that all gluten-free foods are vegan because they don’t contain any animal products – but this isn’t always true!

Grits are great for those who need a gluten-free, vegan option. They’re more filling than most breakfast cereals or oatmeal because of their high fiber content; this makes them an excellent choice when you want to avoid sugar and processed carbs in the morning. Grits can also be eaten as a side dish at dinner time with vegetable dishes. The main downside is that grits taste best when they are cooked slowly over low heat – which means it takes longer!

As mentioned above, grits have no animal products but do contain gluten if made without water (hominy). Another thing to note about grits is that many restaurants use wheat flour instead of cornmeal, so always ask before ordering! You may have to settle for “grits-style” polenta instead of traditional grits.

What are they made from? – Traditional grits are usually made with cornmeal and water while those labeled “polenta” are more commonly a blend of cornmeal and wheat flour (though the word is used interchangeably). If you’re gluten intolerant it’s best to go with grains that don’t contain any form of gluten. The only way to know if your food contains gluten is by reading labels carefully!

Can I eat them if I’m gluten-free? – Grits are naturally gluten free in their most traditional form and polenta is also a good option for those who can’t consume any grains with gluten.

Are they vegan or paleo friendly? – Since grits are made from cornmeal, one of the only animal products that’s considered “clean” by many vegans, it would be safe to say yes! Paleo individuals should steer clear due to the use of wheat flour instead of more whole foods like coconut or almond flours.

What does this mean about my diet as a vegan/paleo eater? If you’re not intolerant to and allergic to these types of food then either will work just fine for your diet.

Can I eat them if I’m diabetic? Grits are a good option for people who are trying to cut back on refined sugars and carbohydrates, but it’s important to discuss your individual dietary needs with a doctor before making any major changes in order to avoid complications. Is this food healthy or not-so-healthy? Per usual, balance is the key. Anything eaten in excess can become unhealthy so enjoy grits as part of an overall balanced diet by adding fresh fruits and vegetables!

have you heard about why soy sauce isn’t paleo?

A few things to know about soy sauce before you use it: soy sauce is not paleo, contains high levels of sodium which can lead to higher blood pressure and even heart disease (especially when combined with a salty meal), and it’s usually packed full of preservatives!

There are plenty more reasons why we recommend skipping the soy sauce on your next stir-fry – keep reading for some facts that might surprise you.

Why do I care? We all have our own opinions on what makes up a healthy diet but one thing everyone agrees upon is that eating good quality food should be important to us. Read through this blog post if you’re curious to learn how grits stack up in terms of being vegan/paleo-friendly, or just plain unhealthy.

If you’re a vegan who’s been looking for an alternative to soy sauce, try this fermented version instead! The fermentation process will produce natural enzymes that are good for digestion and probiotics which help balance your gut bacteria. If you’re not sure what the difference between paleo and vegan is (or if it even matters), then check out this article by Authority Nutrition: “What Is Paleo And What Are Its Benefits?”

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