4 Vegan Snacks to Eat Before Workout!



So you are on the right track, waking up early, going for that run, turning up for your gym sessions without any fail – the health goals are well in sight. But there is just one thing that you cannot seem to get right – the pre workout nutrition!

It’s one of the most crucial parts of any workout regime. It would be best to get the proteins, carbs, and the timings right, or it may compromise the results. For this, the pre workout snacks are a must!

As a Vegan, it must be slightly hard to find the right kind of snacks that would allow you to maximize your training sessions to the fullest.

Well, not really! 

Here’s a list of the top 4 vegan snacks that can charge you up well and good before your workout session.

1. Oats and Muesli

If you are looking to enhance or improve your performance at the gym, then consuming a high-carbohydrate meal is the way to go. It would be wise to consume around 80 grams of carbs around three to four hours before your exercise for optimal results. 

Carbs provide nutrients full of energy and are quickly metabolized during the workout, thus offering you maximum energy during the session. Your fast-twitch muscle fibres rely on this to work better.

Add to this, carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index improve your abilities during endurance-based exercises since they steady the blood sugar levels.

Oats and Muesli are a fantastic option for any vegan looking to consume a high-carb meal with a low glycaemic index! 

2. Beetroot

This one has gained quite a momentum recently!

Beetroot and its powder are among the best sports supplements that improve exercise performance. 

Its high nitrate levels boost the blood flow to the muscles and thus make you a lot more efficient during your exercise session. Add the beetroot or the beetroot powder to your shake one hour before you hit the gym!

3. Caffeine

Now, who doesn’t love some hot, piping cup of tea or coffee? 

Caffeine intensifies your endurance levels during your exercise like nothing else. So, whether it’s cycling, running, rowing or swimming, or resistance training, you will likely perform a lot better with caffeine in your system!


It makes the best use of free fatty acids and minimizes the breakdown of glycogen (the energy stored by carbohydrates). Additionally, it makes specific adaptions in your nervous system, thus boosting you with an extra energy pump.

If you are not a coffee or tea fan, you could also try green tea extract, guarana extract or any other caffeine supplement.

4. Chick Peas

Chickpeas are one of the best sources of protein. It helps build up your muscles while also repairing the sore ones post the workout. 

For the best results, though, it’s recommended to consume chickpeas before and after your workout. It stimulates the healthy growth of your muscles!

Bonus, chickpeas also contain a low glycaemic index, so they will ideally maintain your blood sugar levels.

Wrapping Up

Getting on a workout regime is a significant first step towards building a healthy and fit lifestyle. But, ensuring that you consume healthy snacks and meals both pre and post the workout is also significant.

As vegans, the options might seem a bit narrow, but you will find plenty of choices if you look in the right direction. Some of the best ones include oats and muesli, beetroot, caffeine and chickpeas.

Now, get some nutrients before you get down to business and have a happy workout!

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